Explore El Mamsha, Hurghada | The Luxury Touristic Promenade

Nestled in the coastal gem of Hurghada, Egypt, the Touristic Promenade, known as Al Mamsha El Seyahi, unfolds as a breathtaking spectacle along the Red Sea Governorate.

Mamsha Hurghada: A Stroll in Paradise

Mamsha Hurghada, or the Touristic Promenade, stands as a testament to the city's commitment to providing an unparalleled tourist experience.

Stretching 7 kilometers, this waterfront promenade is a harmonious blend of luxury, local and international hospitality, and iconic commercial brands.

Evolution of Hurghada Touristic Promenade

Initiated in May 2019, the developmental journey of Hurghada's Touristic Promenade unfolds across four stages.

The focus lies on elevating services, fostering competition with renowned global destinations, and enhancing the visitor experience.

The project encompasses improvements in service centers, the establishment of new recreational areas, dedicated bicycle paths, lush greenery, enhanced lighting, and upgraded walkway facilities.

Distinctive Features of Al Mamsha El Seyahi in Hurghada

The charm of Hurghada's tourist promenade lies in its inclusivity. Catering to diverse individuals - children, families, groups, and those with special needs - it boasts free sun loungers, sun umbrellas, parking facilities, designated seating areas, and recreational zones for children.

As the sun sets, the promenade comes alive. Nestled among hotels and tourist villages, it transforms into a vibrant hub, creating a unique nocturnal ambiance.

Luxury Residences along the Promenade

Numerous hotels and tourist villages line the Hurghada Touristic Promenade, including renowned names like:

  • Albatros,
  • Sinbad,
  • Hilton
  • Movenpick
  • Steigenberg
  • and more.

At the heart of this vibrant scene is AKA Group, with projects like Princess Resort, directly overlooking the Red Sea, and First Avenue Northside and First Avenue Southside, situated right on the promenade.

For exquisite dining and evening indulgence, Honey Butter Restaurant and Café offer a unique experience.

And for those seeking a shopping spree, Duty Free Hurghada in Al Hambra Village awaits.

AKA Group: Your Gateway to Hurghada's Charm

AKA Group positions itself as a centerpiece on Hurghada's Touristic Promenade.

With distinctive projects dotting the landscape, it ensures a blend of luxury and leisure.

Whether it's the serene Princess Resort, the bustling Al Hambra Village, or the vibrant First Avenue projects, AKA Group's presence enriches the promenade's allure.

Explore, indulge, and create lasting memories, Hurghada's Touristic Promenade promises an extraordinary blend of entertainment and tourism, and AKA Group stands at its very heart

Embark on a journey through El Mamsha Hurghada, the epitome of luxury on the Red Sea. Discover a vibrant touristic promenade with AKA Group's exquisite projects and unrivaled experiences.