Embracing Bliss: Exciting Updates Unveiled at AKA Princess Resort

As we step into the new year, we are thrilled to share some extraordinary updates designed to enhance your experience at Princess Resort in Hurghada City.

From upgraded beach amenities to essential infrastructure improvements, AKA Real Estate is committed to ensuring your coastal haven remains unparalleled.

New Umbrellas: Elevating Your Seaside Experience

We are excited to announce the arrival of our latest feature – brand-new beach umbrellas! These elegant additions are crafted to offer you a comfortable and shaded space, allowing you to soak up the sun in absolute tranquility.

Your moments by the sea just became more stylish and relaxing.

Massage Area (Coming Soon!): A Sanctuary of Relaxation

At Edara, your well-being is our top priority. In the near future, we plan to introduce a dedicated massage area right on the beach, creating a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Stay tuned for updates as we bring this exciting addition to life. Beach Volleyball Court: Fuel Your Competitive Spirit

Calling all sports enthusiasts! Whether you're a seasoned volleyball player or seeking casual beachside fun, our new volleyball court is the perfect spot to unleash your competitive spirit.

Join in the excitement and create unforgettable moments by the sea.

Marina Renovations: Enhancing Aesthetics and Functionality

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, renovations are underway at our marina.

These enhancements aim to elevate this key area's aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a world-class experience for our residents.

Electricity Connection Update: Powering Up for Uninterrupted Bliss

Understanding the importance of a reliable electricity connection, we are pleased to inform you that the work to connect Princess Resort to the main power grid is in its final stages.

Our dedicated team has been tirelessly working to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted power supply for all our residents.

We appreciate your patience and are confident you'll soon experience the benefits of this significant upgrade.

Expect further updates regarding the completion and activation of this connection soon.

In conclusion, the AKA Real Estate team expresses gratitude for your continued support.

These updates reflect our commitment to creating an exceptional living experience at Princess Resort.

Embrace the transformative enhancements and get ready for a year filled with unparalleled seaside joy.

Discover the latest upgrades at AKA Princess Resort in Hurghada City – from stylish beach umbrellas to a beachside massage area. Unveil your coastal haven today